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Designing for humans to help brands grow.

We work with established companies to optimise their products and young startups to help them launch with a competitive edge. Taking the time to understand your business model, analyse your performance and the broader market, we can make sure that we take informed design decisions that cater for both - your product performance and aesthetics. Thanks to the right balance of talent on the team, we can deliver equally strong Product and Branding projects.

Clients backed by:

YC is an american seed accelerator for startups Techstars Logo Founders Factory is a London based seed accelerator and incubator Seedcamp Logo Public Accelerator Logo


Intuitive UX democratising access to cryptocurrency

Product designBranding
Branding and Product Design for Hop


Designing a less lonely world - "your always happy place"

Product designBranding
Logo Design for garage Branding and Product Design for Mental Health app Zeal


A new brand identity for a new way of moving

Branding and Website Design for EV startup Garage


Transforming travel and luxury property ownership

Product designBranding
Branding and Product Design for Flok


Empowering healthcare using blockchain technology

Branding and Product Design for Flok Logo design animation


The world’s leading open-source, decentralized blockchain with built-in user identity.

Product design
Branding and Product Design for Concodium


Connecting healthcare professionals via secure messaging

Product designBranding
Website Design for Forward


On-demand inspections on assets for businesses all over the world.

Product design
UX and UI design for Shepper Admin panel


Project management platform for the construction industry

Product design
UX UI Deisgn for Project Management Rubble

The Phantom of The Opera

A world class UX for the world's most popular musical

User Experience
UX and UI design for The Phantom of The Opera

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