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Concordium Logo Design

UX and UI design for Concordium

Concordium is a fin-tech company which is building the first ID/KYC ready blockchain network. The company was founded in 2018 in Switzerland. Behind the team are Lars Christensen (co-founder of Saxo Bank), Anders Rasmussen (previously PM of Denmark and secretary-general of NATO), and Lone Schrøder (on the board of Ikea, Volvo and Schneider Electric), just to name a few.


The company is in its early stages and approached us to help them design their mobile application. Building an intuitive and easy to use UX for a highly technical blockchain product targeting everyone (not just tech people) was a big challenge which we were excited to take on.

The core concept of the product is about building the most secure and transparent blockchain network, so establishing trust with early adopters from the first few clicks was the key to their initial growth. Another important factor was “humanising” the product and making it easy to understand by everyone.

Project Goals

📱 Achieve easy early adoption

🧝 Apply human-centered design to highly technical actions

🔐 Establish trust and credibility

📊 Validate application design and journey flows with real users


This project started with a deep competitors analysis and testing over 30 other products that are currently targeting the same user, before we moved to mapping our final user personas. Concordium team is highly knowledgeable about their market and have a clear differentiator which was instrumental to agree on the final vision of the product.

The initial quantitive and qualitative analysis helped us to be even more efficient when creating the first UX elements, which included the primary user flows and wireframing.

We conducted a number of UX tests with real users to validate the performance of the key user actions. Since the UI experience is extremely important for this product, we quickly moved to tests with the final mockups, using the UI elements of the new branding and the final product architecture.

The clickable prototypes were used to test a number of key user missions with real users. The identified UX issues and design loopholes were fixed quickly and efficiently, busting some of our hypothesis and confirming others.

Concordium have developed their own programming language for reliable smart contract, called Oak. We created their new branding and designed their website. The brand strategy was to position Oak as:

🔐 Reliable

🖼️ Delightful

👐 Open

👥 Community-driven

The Concordium network is aiming to provide a backbone of trust between people, businesses, and the public sector

Ex-NATO Chief, Danish PM Now Advises Blockchain Firm Concordium

Concordium Foundation recruits former Nasdaq vice chairman

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