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Unforgettable brand names

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Logos that speak volumes

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How we work

We dive deep into understanding your unique business challenges and finding that sweet spot that's all yours in the market. Then, we translate those insights into a brand identity that's both provocative and trustworthy. We understand the power of storytelling to captivate and influence. That's why every brand we build tells its own tale, expressed through impactful visuals and authentic brand language.

no room for quiet voices

What to expect

We're dreamers with a dose of reality - so expect less Don Draper glamour, more insights-driven approach. We will explore different brand narratives, personalities and aesthetics until we find that unique formula that's unmistakably you. Once that's locked in, there's no ceiling on what we can create together across all digital and offline channels.

Author - Rishi Kumar

Rishi Kumar

Co-founder at Zeal

“We cannot compliment Pony enough on the design and development of our new brand, Zeal. They take the time to listen and understand the project brief and then through workshops completely transform your idea into a visual identity. We hardly had to ask for any amends and completely fell in love with what they delivered from the get go. Their design process is faultless. Very much looking forward to working with them on the next phase of our app design.”

Author - Aisling Byrne

Aisling Byrne

CEO at Nuw

“Loved working with Stef and the team. Always clear, professional and helpful throughout the project. Looking forward to working with Pony again in the future.”

Author - Firas Fellah

Firas Fellah

COO at Creid AI

"We worked with Pony team and it was an absolutely great experience. Best combo - friendly, clinical and creative. Highly recommendable.”

Author - Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons

CEO at The Youth Group

“Pony really understood what we were trying to achieve and was very flexible and responsive. They challenged our thinking and took some smart risk in the design which turned out to be great. I would highly recommend them and it's great that we can say they have added value in helping us improve the odds for young people.”

Author - Steve Bilotto

Steve Bilotto

Co-founder at AirportCars

“Their design delivery framework is fantastic and it really helped us all get on the same page from day one. Stef’s technical and commercial knowledge and his obvious design talent has delivered a strong brand identity and a seamless UI which we can’t wait to put live and begin testing. We look forward to working with them on the next project.”

Author - Ana Bugaenko

Ana Bugaenko

CEO at Symbiotica

"We recently worked with Pony on executing a new branding campaign from the ground up. Pony surpassed our expectations, and then some. The team felt like a natural extension to our company, working diligently to deliver each phase of the project as if it were their own. Pony are professional, highly creative, and have been responsive throughout the entire project"

Author - Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy

CEO at WeFix

"The team at Pony where fantastic all the way from start to finish. They shared a well structured plan with us at the beginning of the project and explained when they'd need our input. Not to mention the quality of work was excellent. We will be working with the team again in the near future I'm sure!"

Author - Jenny Sidorova

Jenny Sidorova

Head of Marketing at DX

Having worked with agencies my entire marketing career, I definitely think I'm a good judge of agency talent and you guys are the best I've worked with in Europe, no doubt. Keep it up."

Author - Stephen Moses

Stephen Moses

CEO at Zenplans

“First class team - they challenged our way of thinking and brought our vision to life in a beautifully simple way. Any company would be lucky to work alongside these guys!”

Author - Stephanie Eltz

Stephanie Eltz

CEO at Doctify

"An outstanding team - not only very creative but also very professional. Can highly recommend"

Author - Oliver Muller

Oliver Muller

CEO at Creid AI

“Pony is probably the best design studio we've worked with. Apart from being professional and highly creative, their team brought an approach we hadn't seen before. Always focused on data & results, Pony had us work our concepts and vision backwards; designing for outcomes. Highly recommend them for any digital design work.”

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