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5-8 weeks duration

3-4 weeks lead time

JTBD Workshop, UX Research, IA, Wireframes, Usability Testing, UI Mockups (Figma), Iconography, Design System

Product Design Agency for startups

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We’ve developed a unique design delivery framework that usually delivers results in 5-8 weeks. It uses the industry-proven methodologies Jobs-to-be-Done, for identifying product flaws and opportunities for growth, and Design Sprint for solving and testing product problems, leaving out the trendy UX fillers most companies don't need.

Thanks to our experience with building over 150 digital products, we’ve managed to optimise our processes so we can move fast and deliver highly effective and impactful UX and UI design. We’ve designed products for companies backed by YC, Techstars, Seedcamp, Founders Factory, the UK Government and other leading accelerators and investors.

Clients backed by:

YC is an american seed accelerator for startups Techstars Logo Founders Factory is a London based seed accelerator and incubator Seedcamp Logo Public Accelerator Logo
Week 1


Jobs-to-be-Done session

Mini Design Sprint session

Stakeholders & user interviews

Data analysis & market research


The most important “jobs”
 and "red routes" for your users

Identified, data-backed solutions

Low-fidelity wireframes

Week 2


Business Design Strategy



User journey map

User Personas

High-fidelity wireframes of key user flows

Week 3


Testing with real users

Performance analysis



User testing results and findings

High-fidelity wireframes of the whole product

Week 4


Brand identity exploration

User interface (UI) design


Brand identity

UI of key user flows

Week 5


User interface design

Building your design system


Design system

Final UI of the whole product

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Note: Some projects may require more or less than 5-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the product and the project scope.

Who is it for?

We work with companies at launch, product-market fit and growth stages. Our cross-functional team of UX, UI, Product and Growth experts acts as the extension of your team, bringing in-depth design and product expertise to help you discover and fix complex product challenges and ship the best version of your product as soon as possible.

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Avg response time: 54min

Our superpowers

Cross-functional team

Highly systemised processes

Built 150+ digital products

Experience with complex products

Distributed, fully remote team

Client portal for efficient workflow
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As a result ...

☞ We deliver on average 2x faster than traditional design agencies

☞ We’re on average 30% more cost efficient

☞ We build products that not only attract, but also activate and retain users

Stephen Moses, Founder at Zenplans

Google review

“First class team - they challenged our way of thinking and brought our vision to life in a beautifully simple way. Any company would be lucky to work alongside these guys!”

Ana Bugaenko, CEO at Symbiotica

Google review

“We recently worked with Pony on executing a new branding campaign from the ground up. Pony surpassed our expectations, and then some. Stef and the team felt like a natural extension to our company, working diligently to deliver each phase of the project as if it were their own. Pony are professional, highly creative, and have been responsive throughout the entire project; the project was meticulously planned out from initial workshop to final delivery, where Pony managed navigate and translate incoherent ideas into concrete designs, with ease.”

Oliver Muller, CEO at Creid AI

Google review

“Pony is probably the best UI/UX Design studio we've worked with. Apart from being professional and highly creative, their team brought an approach we hadn't seen before. Always focused on data & results, Pony had us work our concepts and vision backwards; designing for outcome. Highly recommend them for any digital design work.”

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Avg response time: 54min