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We're a remote team of digital product designers

As part of the startup ecosystem we often come across companies and ideas that have the potential to become the next unicorn. We often joked they’re little ponies on their journey to Unicorn Kingdom. That’s how the name Pony Studio was born.


One of the ponies / Founder

Hey there! Pony was a one-man show (my show actually) for a few years, until I decided that it's time to dedicate my professional life to helping ambitious “pony companies” grow their horns. We’re now a small but dedicated team of digital product designers and growth experts based in London and Varna, proving that remote working actually works.

I know, I know ... it's getting a bit boring what we are. Let's talk about what we're not: we’re not too much after the “wow” effect and the jaw-dropping features, which are not going to affect your KPIs. We’re looking to achieve the unconscious delight that a user gets from a “functional", "reliable", “usable” and “intuitive” product. Your users don’t care about your features, they care if you can solve their problems efficiently. Flawless UX design is your ticket to consistent growth. If you get what we mean, we’d love to work with you.

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Sometimes, a beautiful efficient horn is all ...
a pony needs to become a unicorn. We build horns.

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Design should always serve your business growth. The perfect on-boarding journey, the best converting landing page, the stickiest dashboard, the jaw-dropping logo, the ultimate personas research - UX, UI and Product Growth go together like 🍫 chocolate, 🌱 vanilla and 🍓 strawberry ice cream 🍦.

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