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A fully distributed team of digital product designers

As part of the startup ecosystem we often come across companies and ideas that have the potential to become the next unicorn. We often joked they’re little ponies on their journey to Unicorn Kingdom. That’s how the name Pony Studio was born.


Founder & Lead Designer

Hey there! My name is Stef and I'm the founder of Pony. I was a freelance UX/UI designer for a few years, but as the industry matured, I decided to set up a small design studio to deliver the quality and speed the startup industry needs in 2020.

We’re now a small but dedicated team of digital product designers and one product growth strategist, with our core team based in London. Given the size of the team and how we've organised our process, I still work on and oversee every design piece that reaches our clients.

With every product we build, we’re looking to achieve the unconscious delight that a user gets from a “functional", "reliable", “usable” and “intuitive” product. Your users don’t care about your features, they care if you can solve their problems efficiently. Flawless product design and strong branding are your ticket to consistent growth.

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Sometimes, a beautiful efficient horn is all ...
a pony needs to become a unicorn. We build horns.

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Looking for a designer who gets business and growth? We’re results-driven and believe that every effort you invest in your product should have a meaningful and measurable impact on its 🌱 growth. Join us on our journey to mastering the art of balancing between inputs and outputs. For founders, UX practitioners, designers, product leads and marketing experts.

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