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In times when governments around the world are focused on saving our physical health, Zeal is working on making the world a less lonely place, facilitating access to mental health resources. Zeal is a non-physical pick me up place - a gym & spa for the mind.

The Visual Identity

The team behind Zeal have identified a gap on the market - most mental health apps are focused on teaching you how to meditate or build a positive habit, without providing a more in-depth knowledge on understanding how the human mind works. By guiding the users to building a new lifestyle for the mind and facilitating access to mental health professionals, they’re revolutionising access to mental health resources.

Logo Design for Zeal
Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok

The product challenges

Zeal wanted to merge a few product concepts into one product, offering its users all the tools they need to take control over their mental health wellbeing. These include: Booking a consultation with a “listener”, Gratitude Log, Mood Tracker and Journal. The challenge for us was to build an intuitive user experience so all functionalities are seamlessly experienced, without confusing them with how-to intros and unnecessary push notifications.

We designed an onboarding journey that let the user “taste-test” all Zeal’s got to offer, without realising that they’re already using the product. We have also mapped a number of retention hooks to make the user come back for more every day.

Logo Design for Flok

The “Pick me up” visual identity

The team was after a visual identity that would appeal to both male and female users, as most of the other apps on the market were predominantly used by women. The branding challenges the stigma that mental health problems should be brushed under the carpet and are usually associated with sadness and melancholy - why are gyms all about boosting your energy, while mental health resources make you feel even more depressed.

We were excited to visualise the concept of “Your Always Happy Place”. Zeal should be a source of positive energy, always waiting in your pocket, whenever you need a friend to “pick you up”. We created this wonderfully weird and memorable character who takes users on a journey to a new type of lifestyle that will transform their mental wellbeing. The colour palette, typography and logo completed the feeling of joy and contentment, trying to stay away from the entertainment space.

Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok

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