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Flok · product design and brand identity

Flok is a luxury property exchange platform. It helps property owners maximise their assets while experiencing a world of exclusive travel destinations. With Flok, travel is not transactional, it's transformative.

Transforming luxury property ownership

Building an exclusive community of luxury property owners, Flok is transforming the way people travel - they offer a “home away from home” to their carefully selected community, finding, vetting and offering some of the best properties in the world. Their unique concept removes the guilt factor from the travelling experience, offering property owners the unique opportunity to get more value from their properties.

We worked closely with the team to turn their ambitious product concept into a ready-for-the-market prototype with a unique brand identity that needed to be “intriguing”, “reserved & understated” and “purposeful & mindful”.

Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok Logo Design for Flok

The UX Challenges

The project had a number of product challenges that needed to be addressed with smart user experience deliverables. One of them was keeping the platform fair and engaging, without involving a traditional payment system. How do we make people “deposit” and “exchange” their most valuable asset, build trust and spark curiosity, without overwhelming with a heavy onboarding flow. After a number of UX tests, we created a unique internal Flok currency system that was easily adopted by all demographics.

The onboarding was split in a number of intuitive actions to ensure account completion and activation. We also designed a few hook cycles to bring back users repeatedly, so the team doesn’t need to rely on aggressive retention campaigns.

Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok

The Visual Identity

Flok targets high-net-worth individuals, but the demographic of its core users was quite diverse. We had to “wow” not only the 60+ well off families, but also the younger generation of working professionals who’re smart about their investment strategies.

We were after a classy and sophisticated look, that communicates calm, peace and comfort, rather than stating luxury and status. Flok is for everyone to feel at home and get excited about exploring new properties and destinations, to get lost in the warmth and welcoming feel of the platform and the outstanding homes it offers. The logo, elegant typography, pastel colour palette and minimalistic illustrations complete the enticing feeling that this is a membership that will open the doors to a new world of transformational travelling. Can you feel this vibe?

Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok

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