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Doctify Brand Illustration 1

In a world where the options are endless, making a decision on healthcare can be overwhelming. Doctify works with clinics and hospitals in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates to facilitate the process of patients feedback and reviews collection, helping millions of patients a year to make the right choice when it comes to their health.

The challenge

Nothing excites us like the opportunity to work on products that have a wider social impact, especially in the healthcare space, so when Doctify approached to create their new Brand Identity, we were absolutely honoured and buzzing!

Having been around for a few years, the team had a clear vision of how they see the Doctify brand evolving in the next decade. They were determined to be seen as the tech leader and innovator in their space, but also achieve a professional, compassionate, warm, and caring visual style. Taking everything into consideration, we knew we had to create something that’s striking, head-turning, and memorable that projects love and quality.

The leadership team was attached to the idea to keep the “apple” in their logo, which was part of their journey as a company. The final logo mark was born out of our desire to merge the fruit of life (apple) with the symbols of love (heart) and connectivity (two overlapping rings).

Doctify Brand Illustration 1
Doctify Brand Illustration 1
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There’s no doubt that the heart and soul of Doctify’s new brand identity is the unique portrait illustration style, incorporating abstract and futuristic elements, yet having a slightly retro feel. We created a library of custom illustrations and icons that could be recycled and mix & matched to enrich their marketing assets.

The new look helps them visualise their brand purpose better - to build trust and transparency in the healthcare sector, while inspiring every person to seek the best possible care. They make the journey of looking for the best healthcare professionals feel less daunting and more rewarding.

Doctify Brand Illustration 1
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