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Lab5 · brand identity and website design

Lab5 Typeface brand idenity

Lab5 works with companies around the world to make their Salesforce CRM programs successful and their users' jobs easier. They have a unique five-step approach to project management, built with clarity simplicity at its core.

Branding as your main “moat”

Being a consultancy that empowers other companies with their expertise, the team at Lab5 felt that they were not doing enough to build their own brand and create brand awareness amongst their customers. Operating mainly in Silicon Valley, they agreed that we had to work on creating positive brand equity that will allow them to attract and retain an audience willing to pay a higher price, simply because they’re Lab5. In a highly competitive space, branding could be your main “moat”.

brand idenity for Lab5
branding asset ilustration
branding icons
billboard design

Creating a Brand Personality

We were determined to build a brand identity that would turn Lab5 into the visual leader in their space and inspire clients to choose them over their competitors. The playful illustrations enhance the notion of “efficiency”, “productivity” and “speed” they wanted to be known for. It was also important to support the idea that they’re a “friendly” and “approachable” team that brings impact and innovation to the industry, but also knows how to have fun and is a pleasure to work with.

branding asset
billboard design
website deisgn
Logo design
Logo Design for Lab5 website dessgn

The website uses motion graphics and micro-interactions in moderation to bring the new brand to life, but keeping the user experience smooth and focused on the two main objectives:

  • get excited about working with Lab5;

  • book a consultation with their team.

The challenge with incorporating an exciting brand identity into a website focused on lead generation is keeping the balance between creativity and functionality. We feel that we left Lab5 equipped with a powerful business tool that will excite their audience and help them keep growing.

branding asset
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