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Symbiotica Brand Illustration Symbiotica Brand Illustration

Symbiotica is the world's first single platform to use the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to provide deep liquidity insights for portfolio managers and investors in real-time. Their self-learning trade execution platform empowers small and mid-sized investors to maximise their performance and returns.

Engineering efficient markets

We wanted to create a brand identity that reflects Symbiotica's state-of-the-art technology and revolutionary vision of how they believe the financial market should operate. Being "ahead of the curve", they needed a visual style that demonstrated their intelligence, sophistication, and precision. The illustrations represent their rigorous, performance-focused technology that is also responsive to changes in market conditions. "Freedom" and "liquidity" are some of the keywords that guided the creative process.

Doctify Brand Illustration 1
Symbiotica Brand Illustration

Our primary colours speak to the high-end, sophisticated user, while our secondary accent colours reveal Symbiotica's exciting, almost mysterious nature. The choice of typography and the unique brand patterns add a touch of elegance and class. It's a product for a new generation of traders who are not ready to accept the status quo - they believe that structural changes in finance are inevitable and Symbiotica empowers the evolution they've been waiting for.

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Branding Pattern
Doctify Brand Illustration 1
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