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Blockchain Expo 2024 North America

5 — 6 June 2024  |  Santa Clara, California   |   Web 3 Events

The 2024 Blockchain Expo in North America is designed for blockchain enthusiasts to network, learn from over 250 expert speakers, and explore blockchain's potential for business advancement. Notable past speakers include Catherine Gu from Visa, David Palmer of Vodafone, and Gary Brandeleer from Salesforce. The event anticipates over 7,000 global attendees, including CTOs and developers, focusing on Web3, decentralization, DeFi, and blockchain applications in business.

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London Tech Week 2024

10 — 14 June 2024  |  London, UK   |   Tech Events

London Tech Week is a startup conference, uniting aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech enthusiasts.

It’s a great networking opportunity, as attendees include industry leaders, senior investors, and VCs from around the world. London Tech Week will also feature a panel of global thought leaders in the technology sector discussing how to achieve sustainable success.

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UX London 2024

18 — 19 June 2024  |  London   |   Design Events

A three-day conference covering all aspects of the design and user experience process from user research and product design through to design ops and design systems.

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TNW Conference

20 — 21 June 2024  |  Amsterdam, Netherlands   |   Tech Events

Organised by The Next Web, TNW Conference is a golden opportunity for early stage startups to ignite growth.

Connect with a diverse mix of potential investors, journalists, decision-makers, exhibitors, and speakers. You can participate in a thrilling startup battle, win press coverage, and secure a crucial angel investor — all at TNW Conference.

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Blockchain Expo World 2024

4 — 7 July 2024  |  Istanbul, Turkey   |   Web 3 Events

BEW 2024 stands out as a premier blockchain conference in 2024, backed by TOBB. It offers attendees the opportunity to explore the latest innovations through workshops, panels, and keynotes, while providing a platform for companies to present their services as exhibitors or sponsors.

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CreativePro Week

8 — 12 July 2024  |  Washington, DC & Online   |   Design Events

CreativePro Week is the essential HOW-TO conference for creative professionals who design, create, or edit in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, or Microsoft PowerPoint.

No matter your skill level, you’ll learn techniques and best practices you can start using immediately to improve your productivity.

Attendees are graphic designers, production artists, creative managers, educators, small publishers, workflow consultants, and “one-man-bands” who do it all. They span a wide spectrum of experience, from newbies to mavens, and hail from design studios and graphics departments at companies large and small. They are interested in keeping up with best design practices and innovations.

Over 2,500 companies, universities, and government agencies have sent design and production staff to CreativePro Week, including: Apple, Bank of America, Costco, Georgetown University, Library of Congress, Macmillan, Microsoft, New England Journal of Medicine, NASA, Nike Apparel, Pearson, Pfizer, Valpak, U.S. Geological Survey, Walmart, and many others.

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Turing Fest 2024

9 — 10 July 2024  |  Edinburgh, Scotland   |   Tech Events

Europe’s leading B2B tech event at the intersection of product, growth, capital, and people.

TF is a uniquely multi-disciplinary event with extremely high value content, connections, and conversations for people building and scaling technology businesses. You won’t find this carefully nurtured blend of people and knowledge anywhere else.

You’ll walk away with actionable insights and tactical takeaways that will help you and your team BUILD awesome products, GROW revenue, and LEAD empowered, aligned people.

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WebX 2024 Asia

25 — 26 July 2024  |  Tokyo, Japan   |   Web 3 Events

Known as "Asia’s Leading Web3 Conference," WebX is hosted by CoinPost, Japan's premier crypto and Web3 media company, and stands as the largest Web3 conference in Asia. The event includes speaker sessions, technical workshops on Web3, hackathons with an Asia-centric theme, and various side events. Participants will benefit from features like multilingual presentations, exclusive invite-only gatherings, extensive international media coverage from over 76 global partners, opportunities for corporate and student engagement in Web3, business seminars, and networking facilitated by technical workshops and Web3-centric recruitment activities.

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Bitcoin Conference

25 — 27 July 2024  |  Austin, Texas   |   Web 3 Events

The Bitcoin Conference has risen to prominence as one of the largest global congregations for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Anticipate momentous announcements, extensive international media attention, and a series of impactful presentations delivered by leading thinkers and pioneers in the industry.

The event boasts an Art Gallery, which is set to exhibit the works of premier Bitcoin artists from across the globe, offering a display of the most current trends in art, inscriptions, and immersive installations.

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Bitcoin 2024

25 — 27 July 2024  |  Nashville, USA   |   Web 3 Events

Bitcoin 2024 is set to foster communities and content in areas like finance and art, aiming to speed up the adoption of Bitcoin globally. The event, expected to draw over 20,000 participants from more than 2,000 companies, will feature an Industry Day followed by two days of conference sessions. It offers a prime opportunity for sponsors, businesses, and Bitcoin enthusiasts to enhance their networks, showcase their companies, and contribute to the largest Bitcoin platform.

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Coinfest Asia

22 — 23 August 2024  |  Bali, Indonesia   |   Web 3 Events

Coinfest Asia, the largest Web3 festival in Asia, offers an unconventional and immersive experience where innovation meets adoption. Dive into emerging markets and connect with Southeast Asia, the fastest-growing Web3 region globally. With Indonesia alone adding 437k new crypto users monthly, Coinfest Asia provides a platform to jump straight into adoption.

Use promo code CA24PONY for a 20% discount on festival tickets.

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UX Nordic

28 — 30 August 2024  |  Aarhus, Denmark & Online   |   Design Events

Join one of Europe’s largest Events for UX Professionals.

Embark on an immersive journey at the UX Nordic Conference, connecting Designers, Researchers, Writers and other UX Nerds from all over the world. Discover, network, and evolve your skills during three days of UX magic in Aarhus. Expect leading experts, captivating workshops, inspiring insights and a unique social program for you and your entire team.

Regardless of your level of experience - the UX Nordic will sharpen your skills and nurture your growth as a UX professional. With ample networking opportunities, a dazzling Award Show, an array of fun stuff and social activities, the UX Nordic is not just a conference, but an event for all senses.

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Token 2049

18 — 19 September 2024  |  Singapore   |   Web 3 Events

TOKEN2049 serves as a premier global conference series, bringing together key players in the crypto ecosystem to discuss ideas, network, and influence the sector's direction. It stands as the essential gathering spot for entrepreneurs, institutions, insiders, investors, developers, and enthusiasts within the crypto and blockchain realm.

Historically, the conference has occurred in major digital asset hubs, with the most recent editions hosted biannually in Dubai and Singapore.

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Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival

29 September — 1 September 2024  |  Destination, TBC   |   Tech Events

Join Bits & Pretzels waitlist for 2024!

Their 2023 event saw 5,000 founders, investors, and industry leaders immersed in three days full of learning, networking & doing business.

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Permissionless III

9 — 11 October 2024  |  Salt Lake City, UT, USA   |   Web 3 Events

Permissionless III, hailed as "the world's largest DeFi event," is a top crypto conference to watch in 2024. This three-day event offers keynote speeches by Web3 pioneers, engaging panels, networking, parties, and activations. Notable past speakers include Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Anatoly Yakovenko of Solana, and US SEC Commissioner Hester M. Peirce. The 2024 agenda includes diverse tracks like Culture, Developer, and Future of Finance.

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Expand North Star

13 — 16 October 2024  |  Dubai, UAE   |   Tech Events

The world’s largest Startup and Investor connector event happens at the epicentre of digital innovation and transformation and welcomes over 1,000 investors scouting new talent from a selection of over 1,800 international startups to diversify their investment portfolio.

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Web Summit | Creatiff

11 — 14 November 2024  |  Lisbon, Portugal   |   Design Events

One of Europe’s largest gatherings for designers, creatiff brings together artists, graphic designers and creatives from all disciplines and corners of tech. Join the creatives defining the future of design at Web Summit in Lisbon next November. Learn from visionaries on emerging trends, tools and technologies that will shape visual communication and creative arts in the upcoming years.

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