Phil Vander Broek

Senior Design Leader at Dropbox

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Growth Design is All About Creating Great Experiences That Drive Business Results - Phil Vander Broek, Dropbox

Growth design is a central part of the way we think about design at Pony and it was an absolute pleasure to discuss the topic with one of the senior design leaders at Dropbox, Phil Vander Broek. He comes with a wealth of experience in growth design and is super excited about the future of this field and how they approach it at Dropbox.

In this episode of The Product Show we discussed:

  • Dropbox’s journey to their organisational model and where Growth sits within their company structure
  • How does Growth exist in companies – is there a one-size-fit-all model
  • How do we create alignment about the overall goals the teams are working on, delivering cohesive user experience and business results
  • Building “awareness – discovery – evaluate – commit” for the user
  • The growth design playbook – an example from the Dropbox kitchen to get you thinking about your approach to growth
  • How to prove the value of your design work for the overall business
  • Why all designers should do their duty in growth design
  • How to create a win-win situation where great user experience drive strong business results
  • The most important qualities for a designer in 2021 and beyond
  • Which parts of the design process are becoming a commodity?
  • Why designers must always be impact-oriented

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