Zoë Desmond

Founder & CEO of Frolo

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Building a community app - Zoë Desmond, founder & CEO of Frolo

Zoë Desmond is the perfect example of how the founder’s personal story and pain empowered them to create a product that solves a problem for millions of people. Zoë’s app Frolo helps single parents access guidance and support, connect with each other and organise events and playdates.

With 3 million single parents in the UK and almost no competition in the space, Zoë knew she was onto something when she became a single parent shortly after her son’s 1st birthdays. As a non-technical solo founder and a young single mum, she’s breaking all stereotypes what it takes to build a community of over 24,000 users.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • how the idea for Frolo was born and what were the early signs of customer validation;
  • the importance of building the community before launching a community-based product;
  • how Zoë is planning to monetise the product (would people pay for using a social network?)
  • the key milestones in their user lifecycle
  • the mistakes she made and what she learned from them


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