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5 Amazing UI Easter Eggs

A well-designed UI can make or break an app.

But sometimes, UI designers like to sneak in a little something extra to create delightful surprises for their users. These hidden gems, known as UI design Easter eggs, can make an app more engaging, provide users with a sense of discovery, and even foster a deeper connection between the user and the product. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most creative and entertaining UI design Microinteractions Easter eggs found in everyday apps.

Google Maps: Pac-Man Navigation

In 2015, to celebrate April Fools’ Day, Google Maps transformed its UI into a Pac-Man game. Users could navigate through their local streets as Pac-Man, eating dots and avoiding ghosts. Although it was a temporary Easter egg, it showed Google’s ability to bring fun and nostalgia into its app, making it a memorable user experience.


Slack: Secret Loading Messages

Slack, a popular team collaboration platform, has hidden a series of humorous loading messages that appear while the app is starting up. Some of these messages include “Testing the gravitational constant of the universe,” “Charging the flux capacitors,” and “Shaking the magic 8-ball.” These messages add a touch of whimsy to the app, making users smile while they wait for it to load.


Facebook Messenger: Basketball Game

In 2016, Facebook Messenger introduced a hidden basketball game within its chat interface. To access the game, users had to send a basketball emoji to a friend and then tap the emoji in the chat window. This launched a simple basketball shooting game where users could compete against each other for the highest score. This Easter egg added a layer of entertainment and friendly competition to the messaging app.


Google Search: “Do a Barrel Roll”

Typing “do a barrel roll” into Google’s search bar triggers a delightful surprise: the entire search results page performs a 360-degree spin. This Easter egg, inspired by the popular Nintendo game Star Fox, demonstrates Google’s playful side while giving users a quick break from their online tasks. There are a number of google tricks, can you find them all?



Enter the words “green hill zone”, aka the first level of the iconic 1991 video game Sonic, into Google for a fun throwback to the classic Sega game, then click Sonic!

Spotify: Stranger Things Mode

Spotify is known for its immersive experiences that celebrate music and pop culture. In 2017, the music streaming service introduced a hidden feature for fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things. When playing the show’s soundtrack or a playlist inspired by the series, the app’s UI would transform into the “Upside Down” world from the show, complete with eerie visuals and animations. This Easter egg provided a unique and immersive experience for fans of the show, further deepening their connection with the platform.

Stanger things

UI design Easter eggs are more than just hidden features or gimmicks; they have the power to delight users, create memorable experiences, and foster brand loyalty. These hidden gems demonstrate the creativity and attention to detail that goes into crafting a truly engaging user interface.