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5 Reasons Why Your Design Strategy Won't Work and How to Fix It

Design has the power to make or break your brand’s image. It’s a crucial element that communicates your brand story and captivates your target audience.

However, several elements can sometimes go awry, causing you design strategy to falter.

Let’s dive into five common reasons why you design strategy might not be working, and how you can fix them.

1. Lack of Consistency

Consistency is key in design. It helps build your brand identity and creates a cohesive experience for your audience. If your designs vary drastically in style, colour scheme, or typography, it can confuse your audience and weaken your brand image.

How to Fix it: Develop a brand style guide. This document should detail your brand’s colour palette, typography, iconography, and overall aesthetic. By sticking to this guide, you’ll create a consistent and recognisable brand image.

2. Overcomplicated Designs

While creativity is a must in design, overcomplicating your designs can work against you. If your graphics are too busy, they might distract your audience or confuse your message.

How to Fix it:Simplify. Embrace white space and limit the number of fonts and colours you use in a single design. Remember, the goal is to communicate effectively, not to showcase every design element you like.

3. Ignoring Target Audience Preferences

No matter how great your designs are, if they’re not resonating with your target audience, they won’t work. Understanding your audience’s tastes and preferences is critical.

How to Fix it: Conduct market research to understand your audience better. Use surveys, social media polls, or user testing to get feedback on your designs. Use this information to create designs that your audience will love.

4. Using Outdated Design Trends

Design trends evolve rapidly. Using outdated trends can make your brand look behind the times, and may not resonate with a contemporary audience.

How to Fix it: Stay updated with the latest design trends. Attend webinars, follow industry leaders, and regularly read design blogs. However, always prioritise your brand identity over fleeting trends.

5. Not Aligning with Brand Message

Every piece of your design should tell your brand story and align with your brand message. If it doesn’t, it can create a disconnect for your audience.

How to Fix it: Before you start any design project, clearly outline your brand message. Then, make sure every design decision you make, from colours to typography, reflects that message.

Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes in design.

What’s important is to learn from these mistakes and continually strive to improve. Your design strategy is a vital tool in creating a successful brand image.

If it’s not working, take a step back, identify the issues, and use these tips to create more effective designs.