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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Signup Conversion Rate

In this video, Stef shares five proven and tested UX tactics to improve your signup form conversion rate.

In this video, I’ll share with you 5 proven and tested ways to improve the conversion rate of your signup page. This is based on my experience of almost 15 years designing and improving digital products for hundreds of clients. Of course, testing and experimenting is the best way to achieve higher conversion rate, but you can get a head start if you apply strategies that people before you have tested.

Your CTA is the king! Always keep your main CTA above the fold, make it visible, and experiment with power words, depending on the desired action. Strong colour, placement, and copy will always perform better than a tiny Sign Up lost between sections and other calls to action.

Ask for the very, very minimum information to create an account. If an email is enough to create an account, then have only the email on Step 1, and use a two-step or three-step sign up for the rest of the information. A report from Formstack shows that multi-page registration forms outperformed single-page ones by more than 9%. Also, once you have the email, the opportunities for conversions are unlimited. You can guide them through your funnel as far as your marketing skills go.

Allow plenty of white space. One thing I dislike more than long sign up forms is cramped, busy registration pages that make you tired even just by looking at them. Make sure you invest in a sleek, clean, minimalist design.

Which leads me to tip number 4: leave only the minimum information on the signup page. Don’t distract them with promotions, blog content, reviews, etc. – only the very minimum, like the small print for the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy – things you can’t avoid.

Having said that, my tip number 5 is to give them motivation to complete the signup. This could be in the form of an offer, free trial, industry report, or any other relevant incentive that provides value. Keep it short, clear, and avoid the sales-y language.

And here’s a bonus from me, tip Number 6: enable social signup if your product allows it. Another research from Formstack found that by including this feature, users were able to generate 189% higher form conversions. I’ve done plenty of tests with my clients, and social sign up and sign in do indeed convert.

Thanks for watching. I hope this helped. Share your thoughts in the comments