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5 Websites on Growth Your Should Follow

In this short video, Stef shares his top 5 websites on growth and online marketing that will help growth designers, UX and UI practitioners and product managers to stay on the top of their game.


Hey guys, since you’re following me, you know that I like to define myself as a growth designer and I’m really passionate about the idea that growth design will be the new UX design in a couple of years.

So what’s the difference? Growth designers are equally focused on scaling the business AND delivering a user-centric product, often acting as the bridge between the business and the user.


So basically, you need to work on your business and marketing skills, as much as on your creative skills.

I wanted to share with you 5 websites you should follow if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of growth and online marketing.



Managed by the person who coined growth hacking as a term, growthhackers offer a great selection of case studies and growth-focused articles.

Neil Patel’s Blog


Neil Patel is an SEO genius and his blog’s got a wealth of content on strategically growing your websites

Inside Intercom


For more product-focused insights, check the Intercom blog, Inside Intercom. It has great content on how to grow a digital product.

Smashing Magazine


Another source I really like is the articles section of Smashing Magazine. It’s much more design and dev focused, but it’s got an amazing selection of knowledgable contributors and you can learn a lot from their content.

Marketing school


And the last one is the Marketing school podcast where Eric Siu and Neil Patel share valuable growth tips in short and super informative podcasts.

That’s from me! Which are your favourite growth websites?