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Fastest Growing Startups Moving Forward with AI

In a landscape where innovation meets excellence, the horizon is buzzing with startups that are not just keeping pace with the future, but actively moulding it.

At the nexus of this evolution are dynamic enterprises making strides in fintech, reshaping communication through advanced text models, and revolutionising healthcare with smart, adaptive technologies.

Join us as we spotlight these game-changers who are redefining the boundaries of possibility and steering us towards a future where artificial intelligence stands at the helm.



Based in London, Cleo utilises an AI assistant to offer financial insights and foster healthier financial habits, facilitating effortless budgeting and savings plans.

Zest AI

provides an AI-centric underwriting platform that assists lenders in making informed decisions, enhancing approval rates and compliance. It’s one of the fastest-growing fintech software companies

Eilla AI

Eilla, stationed in the UK, offers a powerful AI assistant for financial services professionals, automating the analysis and summarisation of extensive written content, a common task in the industry.


Stationed in Brazil, stands as a pioneering fintech startup, presenting a fully digital bank account coupled with an AI-driven credit card. By integrating artificial intelligence into its operations, Nubank manages to streamline procedures, enhance fraud detection, minimise costs, and tailor services to individual customer needs.


A fintech trailblazer headquartered in Singapore, delivers an AI-imbued conversational banking interface. This innovative platform allows banks and financial entities to engage with customers using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technologies.Text Models/Creators

AI21 Labs

AI21, an emerging player in the Israeli AI market, has introduced the massive Jurassic-2 language model, rivalling GPT with its 178 billion parameters and advanced customisation features.


Dust, an up-and-coming startup, is the Secure AI assistant with your company’s knowledge, they utilise large language models to create custom apps that integrate company data for efficient search and summarisation functionalities!

Inflection AI

Inflection AI is dedicated to creating Pi, a personal AI companion for individuals, signifying a milestone in supportive and empathetic conversational AI.


Spark a dynamic dialogue with Coda AI to help you brainstorm ideas, spin up new content, or ask questions about content in your documents.


Anthrophic’s advanced AI assistant, utilises natural language processing to generate conversational content, drawing from data up until December 2022. It rivals ChatGPT by offering more conversational creative writing and file processing capabilities, supporting up to 100,000 context tokens per prompt, significantly more than ChatGPT-4’s 8,000.


Character AI is a chatbot crafted by former Google LaMDA developers, capable of impersonating historical or fictional figures, such as Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes, for entertainment purposes. This differentiates it from ChatGPT, which is more geared towards enterprise applications.

Healthcare, Economy & Business


Nanograb, based in the UK, leads in drug discovery by leveraging AI to create innovative binder combinations vital in drug formulation, focusing on pioneering cancer treatments.

Orbital Materials

UK-based Orbital Materials is at the nexus of material science and climate change mitigation, pioneering the development of eco-friendly materials for water and air purification and clean energy solutions.

Medwise AI

Medwise AI is transforming healthcare with an AI-driven platform that efficiently addresses clinical queries, connecting medical professionals with instant, accurate information.


Co:Helm is on a mission to redefine healthcare administration, harnessing AI to significantly reduce operational expenses while enhancing accuracy levels, paving the way for a more efficient and precise future in healthcare management.

Gray Matter

Gray Matter builds AI-enhanced software companies and projects from scratch.

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