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Top 3 Design Trends in 2020

In this short video, Stef shares the Top 3 design trends for 2020. For the full list – check out Top 30 Design and UX Trends 2020.


Hey everyone! Here’re my predictions what I think will be hot in the world of design in 2020 and what you should focus on to learn if you’re a designer, or explore for your product if you’re a founder or a product person.

I haven’t split them in UX, UI or graphic design, it’s my view on what trends will be becoming more popular in the coming months.


1. 2020 will be the year of Voice design explosion

If you’re one of those people who don’t believe in the future of voice interaction and recognition, you can unfollow me know. I’m joking of course, I respect your opinion, but we can’t argue with official stats, right? The global Speech and Voice Recognition Market is projected to grow 5 times by 2026, penetrating into every single industry. You can see examples of voice user interface design on your phone, tv, smart home technology items and pretty much on all new devices.


If you’re a designer and you don’t know how to design voice user interfaces, you should start learning now. If you’re a founder or product lead, the next feature you should be considering is how to implement voice interaction into your product. The bad news is that voice user interfaces are very different from graphical user interfaces and they’re very tricky to master, as they require an understanding of basic human communication, behavioral patterns, psychology. The good news is that there’re no many specialists just yet and if you want to grow in this field, now is the time to jump on the boat.


2. Isometric illustration

Isometric illustration and geometric shapes have been popular for some time, but I think that in 2020 we’ll be seeing even more examples of 2D and 3D illustrations. Flat Design is definitely taking a back seat, and if not completely gone, it definitely goes well with 2D graphics. What not many people know is tat isometric drawings are not genuine 3D drawings, they’re made in 2D and a considerably easy to create.

What I love even more about isometric illustrations is that they add a pinch of futurism to the design work which is also a hot trend at the moment.


3. Organic look and feel, earthy colours and typography

Digital and Product design always reflects social trends, so no surprise we’ll keep seeing more examples of designs that convey the message for organic products and sustainable living. In terms of UI, this means:


  • earthy, warm, pastel colour pallettes
  • hand-drawn and simplistic illustrations
  • clean, naturalistic icons, with elements such as animals, trees, flowers, birds
  • honest photography with less staged composition and more ordinary looking humans
  • the look and feel of a hand-made product.


But the trend will go even further – UX copy will be more open and real, with less marketing fluff; landing page designs will be inspired by nature.

So in a nutshell we’ll be seeing rich meaning offered in simple designs. And that’s not easy to nail!