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What Should You Look For in a Branding Agency?

Whether building a new brand or refreshing your current brand, many business owners don’t know where to start. A brand is about more than just choosing design assets like a logo, colours and typography, it’s equally as important to consider things like brand values, brand personality and tone of voice. To ensure you’re considering the bigger picture and building a full brand identity, it can be beneficial to work with a branding agency.

However, with so many options and services available, choosing a branding agency isn’t always straightforward. An experienced and reputable branding agency can completely transform your business, helping you stand out from the competition and create a connection with your target audience. When narrowing down the many agencies out there, there are several things to consider to determine which is the best fit for your business needs. Below we have explored what you should look for in a branding agency in more detail.

The Benefits of Working With a Branding Agency

Branding differs quite considerably from other forms of marketing and it’s something that can leave even the most experienced marketers feeling overwhelmed. It’s crucial to ensure your business has a consistent image across physical locations, digital platforms and traditional marketing channels. So, getting some professional guidance is always recommended.

Working with a top branding agency can streamline the branding process, ensuring you have a cohesive strategy tailored to your specific needs. Your brand is a significant investment that requires a carefully thought-out, methodical and consistent approach. With a well-defined brand, you can attract new customers while receiving premium prices for your products and services. Your business can also boost customer loyalty and maintain a good reputation. Ultimately, taking the time to choose a branding agency can make a huge difference in your ongoing success and longevity in the marketplace.

What to Look For in a Branding Agency

Not all branding agencies are created equal and some quick research will show that they don’t all offer the same services or have the same approach to creating a unique brand. There are a few key things to consider when looking for a branding agency, including;

  • Understanding Your Vision

Whenever you’re working with a branding agency, it’s essential that they understand your vision, otherwise they won’t be able to bring it to life. The best agencies take the time to learn about your business’s mission and values, as well as your customer base and market challenges. They should be interested in your business’s goals and focused on helping you achieve them with a clear brand strategy. When discussing your vision with potential agencies, pay attention to how they respond and whether they offer insightful feedback.

  • A Strong Portfolio

You should never hire a branding company without looking at some of their previous work. A strong, diverse portfolio demonstrates their capabilities and experience handling various branding challenges. If you can’t find a public portfolio, don’t hesitate to ask for some examples of previous projects, particularly those within your industry. Reviewing these projects will not only enable you to gauge the quality of their work, but also understand their market-specific capabilities. A portfolio that resonates with your business needs and aesthetic preferences is a good indicator that the agency might be the right match for you.

  • Creative and Strategic Capabilities

As mentioned above, branding is about more than just visual design assets. A competent branding agency will combine creative ideas with strategy to build and enhance your brand and market position, ensuring nothing important is overlooked. During your initial discussions, ask about the processes they use to develop a branding strategy. Learning more about realistic timelines and deliverables will help you decide whether a branding agency can meet your needs, ensuring they’re capable of delivering a well-rounded strategy.

  • Range of Services

There are various aspects that fall under the umbrella of ‘branding’ and it’s important to consider the range of services a branding agency offers. Do you need mainly the brand strategy and visual identity? Or do you need a design partner who will also design your website and marketing collateral. A number of branding agencies also offer website development and even digital product design. Think about the specific requirements you have and whether a branding agency has the in-house capabilities to assist you. Having a single agency that handles all aspects of your design needs can ensure consistency across the board, which is key to building a strong, cohesive brand.

  • Client References

Client testimonials and references can provide useful insights into a branding agency. Reading reviews can give you information about their working style and the type of relationships they have with their clients. Not to mention, it can provide peace of mind about things like the agency’s responsiveness and ability to meet specific client needs. Positive feedback from previous clients, especially those from your industry, can influence your final decision, so don’t hesitate to ask for references if you can’t see anything online.

  • Overall Fit

Whether a branding agency is a good fit overall for your business will significantly affect the success of your branding project. Think about the agency’s style and culture, and whether it’s similar to your own. Ultimately, if they are more corporate and you’re more informal, your ideas might clash and you’re likely to be left with a brand that doesn’t truly reflect your business. You can learn a lot from exploring a brand agency’s website and the early interactions you have, and their own brand identity will be very insightful. Don’t overlook the overall vibe you get from the agency, it’s important to have an enjoyable partnership that delivers results.

Working With a Branding Agency in London

Choosing the right branding agency is a strategic business decision that can influence your success for years to come. When you look for everything mentioned above, you can find a partner that understands your vision and provides the innovative branding solutions you need. This isn’t a decision you should rush into making and taking your time to find the right match is essential to building a brand that stands the test of time.

If you’re looking for a London-based branding agency to assist you, get in touch with us at Pony Studio. Our talented team delivers projects of exceptional quality and every brand we build tells its own story. We are dedicated to bringing your brand to life and you can find out more about our capabilities on our website. Any questions you may have, we’re happy to answer them.