Quick wins in 2 min

The First 5 Metrics You Need to Look at in Google Analytics

Quick wins in 2 min

How to Take Full Advantage of Your 404 Error Page

Quick wins in 2 min

5 Websites on Growth Your Should Follow

Design Growth

How to Discover Your Product’s Aha! Moment

5 min read

The Aha! moment, also known as the eureka effect, is over a century old but it has recently started to emerge in the product designer/manager vocabulary. And it’s not just a buzzword. What is the Aha! Moment in product delivery?  The Aha! moment is when a user suddenly realises the core value they get from […]

aha! moment

The Ultimate Design Brief Template

2 min read

A successful design project starts with a clear design brief, outlining the project objectives, deliverables, and timeframe. If you want to kick off the conversation with freelance designers or design agencies you have shortlisted for your project, you need to give them enough information about your project to start the ball rolling, without overwhelming them […]

design brief template

Are You Using the Decoy Effect in Your Favour?

5 min read

The Decoy Effect is the phenomenon whereby adding a third pricing option makes the consumer change their preference towards an option the seller is trying to promote. The “decoy” is priced to make one of the other options much more attractive. It’s also called “asymmetric dominance effect”. This is what you usually experience when you […]

decoy effect
Growth UX

The Most Important Elements of High Converting Landing Pages

7 min read

We’ve designed thousands of pages for hundreds of brands and we have identified 7 specific elements that always, for every product and brand, deliver better conversion rate results than if you don’t have them or, even worse, if you have executed them poorly. So now you’re probably wondering now – are we talking about a […]

high converting landing pages ux

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Understanding How the User is Changing and How to Adapt Your Website and Offering (with examples)

10 min read

Coronavirus is changing the user. We don’t know if it’s for good or a temporary change, but one thing is certain – it’s not and it won’t be business as usual for months to come. The usual recovery period after a financial crisis lasts around 10-12 months, sometimes up to 18 months. Since we’ve never […]

covid19 user

Dear Health Tech Startups, It’s Your Time to Shine. 10 Healthcare Companies to Watch

5 min read

In times when we plan the first holidays in space and experiment with self-driving cars, we’re facing a public health crisis. Governments around the world are struggling to build effective strategies on how to cope with a virus outbreak. Few have been prepared. It’s becoming obvious, we haven’t invested enough in healthcare. VCs and government-backed […]

health tech startups

How UX Impacts SEO – 10 UX Fixes That Will Improve Your Google Ranking

6 min read

Strong keywords and quality backlinks are still important SEO factors, but in 2020 all Google cares about is if users genuinely like your website and engage with your content. In other words – have you done a good job with your UX? As the SEO expert Neil Patel puts it “Google wants to rank sites […]


8 Practical Ways and Tools to Make Use of Data

4 min read

Data is intimidating only when you don’t have the right toolset for making use and sense of it. Traditionally designers avoid working with data because they don’t have the right training and experience to discover new findings and manipulate the raw datasets. However, data has become an incremental part of the UX, design and marketing […]