How to Take Full Advantage of Your 404 Error Page

Quick wins

In this video, Stef explains a simple trick what you can do to take full advantage of your 404 error pages.


Hey guys! We recently made a post about creative ways how you can make the most out of your error page and since it was a very popular post, I thought I could throw a few more tips that weren’t covered in the post.


So to recap, when designing a 404 page, try to keep

  • Relevant to your brand like Dribbble for example
  • Fun and entertaining like Pixar
  • And take full advantage of it, like sending people to download your app like 9 GAG or read your most valuable content like Hubspot


Here’s another tactic that you should definitely implement if you’re seeing lots of search traffic that lands on a 404 page. This usually happens when you delete a page or someone links to your website and use a wrong URL.


Go to Google search console and look at all your 404 error pages. Then, see what they were about and 301 redirect them to the most relevant LIVE page on your site. For example, if people are landing on a blog post about best yoga morning routine that doesn’t exist anymore, you can redirect this error URL, a 301 redirect to your newest, most relevant post about yoga.

This way you won’t be losing traffic and the user will have a better experience with your website.

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