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7-step design framework for launching digital projects

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The first couple of days are all about getting to know each other. We’ll meet in person or online and we will ask you a bunch of structured questions to understand your business. We’ll need to understand the problem you’re solving, your ideal customer, your competitors and other solutions in the space, the channels you’re planning to use for early adopters and your value proposition. Your product goals and KPIs will also be discussed. Imagine something between a first date and an accelerator interview.

Since your taste and UI preferences are equally crucial for the project, we’ll also ask for websites, apps, typography, logos and colour pallets that appeal to you. Stef might even ask about your favourite song or bar!

Avg time: 1-2 days


Business Design Strategy

We’re now ready to create your customer journey map, personas and user flows. The customer journey map is a visualisation of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal tied to a specific business objective. Personas are a fictional representation of your audience and their behaviour - who’s your customer, what are their likes, dislikes, habits, behaviour. The user flows will visualise how we want the user to navigate your product, this will be the basics of your site/app structure.

For bigger clients, this step might also include interviews with stakeholders and deeper research of competitors.

Avg time: 2 -3 days


Initial prototyping

That’s where the Pony magic comes. We’re ready to start your wireframes, but what we want to focus on first is identify the key user flows and journeys and make sure they’re immaculate before we continue with the rest of the product. These would be different, depending on your product, and could include the on-boarding, dashboard, key data input interactions, etc. We’ll most probably use universal prototypes (high fidelity wireframes) and focus purely on nailing the right user journey. The aim is to remove distractions, leaving the details for later, and work together on making sure we’re creating a “sticky” product.

During this stage, we’ll also create your product’s information architecture.

Avg time: 3-6 days



We’re now ready to test your key user flows and make sure we’re heading in the right direction. We’ll use a set of tools to create “missions” for our test users who represent our personas. Based on the findings from the tests and your feedback, we’ll make iterations until you (and we!) are completely happy with the main user flows.

Avg time: 2-4 days


Full prototyping

We’re now ready to complete your product prototype. At this stage we’ll create mockups of every single page and flow, so once this is complete the initial UX work is done. This is the time for iterations, additional discussions and testing what could be improved before your product reaches real users.

Avg time: 2-5 days


Design Exploration

Remember our UI questionnaire from the Emphatize stage? We’ll now pull it from our drawer and discuss again. Once we agree on the design direction, the UI work starts. This includes colour schemes, button shapes, graphics, images, animations, transitions, etc. Everything that concerns the aesthetics of your product will be created during the Design Exploration stage. Similarly to the UX stage, we’ll focus on polishing the main pages first (e.g. homepage, onboarding, user profile) before we continue to the rest.

Avg time: 6-8 days


Final Design & System

Once we’re done with the iterations from the previous stage, we’re ready to complete the UI work for all remaining pages. We’ll also arm you with your own design system which will allow any designer who works on your project in future to pick up from where we left and make design changes quickly and efficiently. You’ll get a shiny new brand guidelines document, too.

Avg time: 2-5 days

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