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We’ll start with a long conversation about your business objectives and product direction. We’ll be asking plenty of structured questions about the problems your users are experiencing, your product performance so far and your hypothesis what the reasons could be for the things that have worked and haven’t worked so far. We’ll be going through your user personas, competitors, your real customers, your key metrics and your goals.

Imagine something between a first date and an investment pitch. The only difference is that instead of showing the best version of your product, we want you to show us all your weaknesses and concerns, so we can find the best way to fix them.

If your you will require UI work or rebranding, we’ll discuss your style preferences, brand identities that inspire you, colour palettes, design moods etc.

Avg time: 1-2 days


UX Review

Once we’ve gathered all the information you’ve shared, we’ll spend a couple of days analysing your data and performance so far. We’ll test your most important user flows and how they’re aligned to your business metrics. Another way to call it is UX Audit. During this stage, we’ll most probably discover UX issues you’ve never noticed before and you’ll be like “no way, I never knew THIS could be causing THAT.”

We could also conduct tests with real users and create heatmaps for your main pages.

Avg time: 1-4 days


Business Design Strategy

We’ll now create your brand new customer journey map, revise your personas if needed, conduct interviews with stakeholders and users. The aim here is to provide you with a new product strategy that will focus on business outcomes rather than fixing single journeys and flows. We’ll work together to agree on the best approach to fix your product performance. For some clients, this could be optimising just a few user flows, for others - a completely new product structure.

We’ll work with your entire team to make sure we’re all aligned and working towards the same business goals and we’re exploring all hypothesis.

Avg time: 2-5 days


Initial prototyping

Based on the quantitive and qualitative analysis we’ve done so far, we’re now ready to build the new key flows that will determine which of our hypothesis are delivering best results. Some of the changes might be obvious and quick, others might need additional exploring and testing. It all depends on your product’s complexity. We’ll usually select the 3 most important user flows for your product (e.g. on-boarding, profile completion, dashboard retention) and focus on nailing those before we continue to other changes.

Avg time: 1-6 days



UX never ends, product improvements and growth should be a mindset, rather than a project with a fixed scope. For this reason, we’ll agree on the number of days we’ll spend on real users testing to make sure we’re getting just enough actionable insights to progress further. We’ll create a list of missions for our test users and will provide them with clickable prototypes of your product. We’ll then record and analyse the results, so by the end of this stage we’ll be ready to go ahead with changes what will bring meaningful results to your business metrics.

Avg time: 2-4 days


Full prototyping

In most cases, once we’ve “fixed” the main UX issues, we’ll then need to update the rest of your “screens” and user flows based on the findings from the previous stages. You’ll have a full clickable prototype that will look and feel almost like the real product, before we continue to the UI stage. Now is the time to make iterations and conduct further testing if needed.

Parts involved: Pony + Client

Avg time: 2-5 days


Design Exploration

If your project involves redesign and UI work, similarly to the UX stage, we’ll focus on the most important user flows and most visited pages first. This stage is all about the aesthetics of your product - shapes, colours, look & feel, mood, tone of voice. Depending on the size of your project, we could conduct UI testing with real users to make sure your brand strategy is aligned with what your users see when using your website/app.

The aim is ring return on creativity as much as on usability.

Avg time: 6-11 days


Final Design & System

Once we’ve nailed your new branding and we’re done with the iterations, we’ll apply the new design style to the rest of your product. We’ll arm you with your own design system which will allow any designer who works on your project in future to pick up from where we left and make design changes quickly and efficiently. You’ll get a shiny new brand guidelines document, too.

Avg time: 2-5 days

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