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Forward Health Logo Design
Forward Health Logo Design Forward Health Logo Design

UX and UI website design for Forward

Forward (now Pando) is a technology healthcare company based in London which empowers healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. They see communication as the single most important factor in a modern healthcare system. Its impact can be measured in loss of life, quality of care, and a cost of billions.

The Forward messaging app is used by thousands of doctors and other clinicians across the NHS and private hospitals in the UK. The company was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Philip Mundy (founder of Goodlord) with doctors Barney Gilbert and Lydia Yarlott. Forward is backed by Stride.VC


Forward approached us to help them rebrand and design their new digital presence. They had a massive challenge - how do you position your brand as a tech leader in the non-technical NHS world? The new branding and website UX had to appeal to two main user groups - healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc) and health organisations (the institutional decision makers). We had to find a way to successfully educate and onboard non-technical users without losing Forward’s USP. The new brand and user journey had to reflect their innovative approach, but without alienating and taking their target audience outside of their comfort zone . We also wanted to keep their branding friendly and fresh, in line with the team culture and tone of voice.

Project Goals

🤝 Establish trust and credibility with their target audience

🏆 Attract top talent

📱 Increase conversion rate

Most of Forward’s leads were onboarded manually which was a great source of qualitative data to analyse. Sometimes non-numerical insights such as opinions and motivations of the users could be as valuable as quantitative research (data points in measurable form), especially for young products that don’t hold much legacy data. Working closely with the Forward team was extremely essential part of this project to make sure we understand their customer pain points and motivation for using the product, as well as to stay aligned with the founders’ vision. We explored a number of user flow solutions and website structures.

It turned out that social validation was a big factor for our targeted customers. Forward had the content already (videos, testimonials, reviews) and the right contacts, so it was all about using them in the most growth efficient way.

2 main user groups with 2 different objectives, but one mission. We had to keep the flows simple, but exciting and educational. After some analysis, the conclusion was to address them differently, so the UX and content was customised for each user group.

Brand story

Everyone is using Forward in a different way (doctors, nurses, GPs, etc), but all with the same mission: to move our healthcare system forward. Forward is:

🔒 Safe & Secure

🕒 Easy to use

📝 Organised

🤝 Approachable

👨‍⚕️ Mission-driven

Forward Health Logo Design

Professional and friendly are sort of oxymorons when it it comes to colour palettes, but we managed to keep it serious and fun at the same time. We chose 2 primary colours, with a wide variety of secondary colours to support the overall experience.


Typography which reflects the company's values

The sweet moment when putting everything together in a pixel perfect form. It feels real and alive.

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Illustrations by Vic Bell

Front-end development by Ben Baker

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