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Logo Design for garage

Scooter Garage is on a mission to educate users on the the scooter industry and offer them a reliable, hassle-free and flexible way to test or regularly use the latest electric scooter models.

A new way of moving

The current model of electric scooter ownership is expensive and impractical. The technology is advancing so quickly which makes obsolescence risk high and many buyers are hesitant if the investment is worth it. Scooter Garage offer consumers a subscription service that removes risk while creating a better riding experience. Their mission is to help make our communities cleaner, one electric scooter at a time.

We had to build a visual identity and a website that appealed to the urban consumer, always in a hurry to their next meeting, but also conscious of their health and the environment.

Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok
Logo Design for Flok

Standing out in a sea of competitors

With legislations around electric scooters changing extremely fast and their international competitors just waiting for a green light to flood the UK market with trendy scooters, the founders were determined to find a way to really stand out. We went for a bold and bright visual identity that would immediately catch the attention of millennials and potential investors. The 3D illustrations created a more exciting and invigorating look & feel, while the logo managed to convey the message of unlimited mobility and “always on the move”.

A celebration of colours and shapes for a brand that’s on a mission to turn millions of people into lifelong electric scooter fans. And the first step of this journey will always be a “quick look” at their website. Is it exciting enough?

Logo Design for Flok Logo Design for Flok

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