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UX and UI web app design for Shepper

Shepper is one of the biggest networks of locally background checked & trained people which carries on-demand inspections and light activities on properties and assets for businesses. The company currently operates in 12 countries and is rapidly growing.

Shepper was founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Carl August Ameln (founder of First Risk Capital, LOVESPACE and first investor at Zipcar), Ben Prouty (ex. Zipcar and LOVESPACE) and Jan Vanhoutte (ex. Carlsberg and KPMG)


The Shepper team approached us to help them redesign the power engine behind their admin operations. The new admin site had to solve major business and product issues around team efficiency and the way they communicate and manage both customers and operators (Shepherds). Due to sensible confidential information we are not able to share full details of the specific issues we had to tackle and the approaches we took, but scroll down to see some snapshots of our work.

Project Goals

🖥 Digitalising their product operations process

⌛ Optimising admin actions performance

🔳 Build scalable design system

👁 ️Achieve high accessibility and visibility

What we did

Understanding the complexity of the logistics behind Shepper’s service was essential for this project. Our task was to automate their operations process by designing a highly effective digital system that was serving all 3 sides of the marketplace. The new system had to also overcome potential scalability issues and help them accelerate their growth. All actions were broken down into hundreds of user stories and tasks.

Designing a web applications with such a high complexity was an exciting challenge. After completing the information architecture and the key user flows, we created wireframes for various solutions.

The rich colour palette and “humanist" font helped us convey the warmth, trust and accessibility that the brand wanted to inspire.


Building a scalable design system, which works like a German Shepherd and looks like Valais Blacknose (the cutest sheep we found on the Internet) brought immense joy and satisfaction to our lives!

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